Electrician Engadine

Electrician Engadine

When it comes to finding an electrician you can trust look no further than McCue Electrical & Communications. We have been serving Engadine for two decades and over the years have earned a reputation for being efficient, trustworthy and always taking a no-nonsense approach to any and all electrical repairs. As professionals, we strongly believe in providing our clients with the highest quality work and over the years we have worked hard to ensure that the work we do distinguishes us from all the others. Today we are a one-stop solution for all your electrical services needs, whether you need a new electrical heating system installed, an HVAC or perhaps require a team of lay down cables across your office. We have the professionals, experience and credibility to pull off just about any and every job in the most efficient manner. So, you never have to worry about the quality of the work we do.

100% guaranteed workmanship

We are perhaps the only electrician in Engadine to back our workmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that our professionals will work until you are fully satisfied. That said we have rarely if ever had a client complain about shoddy workmanship or work which was left uncompleted for an extended period of time. We make sure to finish all the projects we are hired to complete in the shortest period of time but without compromising quality. So, you can be assured that regardless of the work you need done the quality will always be top class.

Efficient and quick

McCue Electrical & Communications has a very strict policy of never doing anything unnecessary which will waste our client's time. This means that we always arrive on time and find the quickest, most efficient way to fix the problem at hand or approach an installation task. That said we also offer the most straightforward quotes which are based on the job and not the number of hours that we will put in. Our flat rate pricing means that our clients never have to waste their time sitting around waiting and counting every hour that we spend on a job. Plus our credibility ensures that we will always bill our clients honestly and as previously agreed.

No electrical repairs too difficult

We take on any and all repairs regardless of the difficulty or the extent of work it may involve. As a professional electrical service in Engadine, we constantly keep ourselves up to date with the latest in the industry which allows us to serve our clients better. Refresher courses are mandatory for every member of our team so that they are prepared to handle every task that they are faced with. Plus our vans are always stocked with everything that a team of electricians will need to fix or install an array of items in homes, offices and shops. So there is no time wasted trying to procure materials or tools.

The best way to contact us for quotes or to find out more about our services is to call 02 9002 7301. Alternatively, those who are not able to get a hold of us over the phone for whatever reason can do so via our online form.